What we do?

In our company; Within the framework of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 system management certificates, we carry out the implementation and audits of all valid items both inside and outside the company at the supplier's side, we develop our company, our employees and our suppliers in this direction, and the quality we have given to our customers. We are constantly protecting the assurance and moving it forward. In addition, we act according to the requirements of the EN ISO 3834-2 standard, and we have the same mentality with all our customers we have served in our welded manufacturing processes. We act within the framework of continuous improvement and development activities on the subjects of our standards and customers, and at the same time, in order to provide environmental production conditions, we take all the necessary measures to prevent the damages that our products can create for both our employees and users.

Knowing that our employees are our most valuable assets, in order to ensure their health and safety, we make up for all our deficiencies and keep these issues under control, with the goal of "zero" work accident.

All raw materials, auxiliary materials and equipment that we purchase from our suppliers and that directly or indirectly impact our production are controlled by our incoming quality control department in a detailed way. Thanks to the healthy progress, development and absence of disruption of both production and supply, we deliver on time by complying with the deadlines we give to our customers, therefore we pursue the same goal with our customers and suppliers, and as a result, we ensure customer satisfaction.

During our production, we keep our processes under constant control, seek approvals with our relevant control documents and periodic checks with all operators authorized in production, We act with the philosophy of “Quality; it is not controlled, it is produced”. We check our products visually, dimensionally and functionally, at the same time, we periodically make material, welding and paint analyzes and share them with our customers during the first sample processes when necessary. At the same time, at least once a year, within the scope of the annual periodical control application, we control and report our products under the first sample conditions. We constantly monitor both our process and machine capabilities with statistical process controls. We periodically verify all measuring instruments, gauges, fixtures and braces and other control instruments that we have used in our production, and reconfirm them before the main calibration dates. We send our tools for calibration and keep them under control. With the analysis of the measurement systems we have made, we make sure that our measurement tools are capable of analysis.

At the point of realizing our quality targets, we meet on a common ground with all our departments, act together, set yearly targets in review meetings to follow key performance indicators (KPI) on certain issues, and evaluate the status of the targets we have set. We set new targets according to the results, request precautions from our departments that fail to meet their targets, constantly update our targets, collect and analyze all the data required for continuous improvement and development of our company.

We apply the superior quality we have achieved within the company at every stage with the philosophy of "Total Quality Management". According to this; We carry out all necessary inspections regarding the preparation of all products, which are completed in our factory and ready for shipment, in accordance with the instructions, both visually and in terms of size, as well as packaging, their shipments are made according to the appropriate loading instructions, and they are delivered to our customers.

As Bestaff Quality Management;

We declare that we will fight for the adoption and internalize of the fundamental issues we have mentioned above by all factory personnel, that we will be a department that always puts it on, knowing that quality is an endless concept, and that we will always take a stand on our customers' side by serving "Total Quality Management".

Below, a word belonging to the Total Quality philosophy is always a target for us as the Bestaff Quality Management.

“Total Quality is a way of life and it starts in your home. If there is no quality in your home, if there is no quality in your life, no matter how much quality you want in your company, it doesn't mean anything.”

Bestaff Quality Management