Human Resources

Career in Bestaff…

Bestaff wants all its members to be individuals who are loyal to our corporate culture, sharing, participating, courageous, believing in teamwork, innovative and creative, and observing service quality and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, it sees trained human resources as its most precious asset.

At this point, there are the main applications made for the satisfaction of its employees. These;

Workforce Planning System and Selection of Employees

Bestaff Management determines future vacancies by making workforce plans at the beginning of each year. It creates a resume pool by using different external resources determined and budgeted in the Workforce Plans. Eligible candidates are invited for one-on-one interviews. The status of the candidate is decided after the joint decision of the relevant unit managers and Human Resources.

Performance Management System

The purpose of the Performance Management System is to continuously improve the performance of employees with the organizational structure and systems at Bestaff. The data obtained as a result of the Performance Management System is the main source for the execution of the Human Resources systems and the organization of the plans and activities regarding the employees.

Career Management System

As a result of the performance evaluation, the decision to guide people is made according to their performance score. The career of the employee in the organization is planned in line with the guidance decisions.

Wage Management System

Market wage surveys and appropriate wage scales according to the position, qualifications, work experience of the employee, and all wage movements of the employees are made on these scales.

Education System

Bestaff has adopted the view that training as a productivity-enhancing factor is necessary and beneficial for employees at all levels. Each year, on-the-job training, off-the-job training, individual or collective training programs are prepared and implemented for employees.

Social Opportunities

Meal : Lunch is given to all our employees in our own kitchen. For our shift workers, dinner, night snacks and breakfast are provided.

Shuttles : We have shuttles to various points of the city that our employees can use.

Health : All of our employees are insured under Personal Accident Insurance. In addition, an occupational physician is employed in our institution.

Social Assistance : We have social assistance for marriage, birth, death, child benefit, holiday allowance, education aid, etc. (May vary according to management initiative.)

Working Hours : It is between 08:00 and 18:00 on weekdays.

Hoping you join us…

Bestaff Personnel and HR Department